Top 20+ Best Places to Elope in Oregon in 2024-2025

Top 20+ Best Places to Elope in Oregon in 2024-2025

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Alright y’all, I’ve had an Oregon elopement locations guide up for a while now, but I realized it was a little outdated—and honestly it barely scratched the surface of all my fav spots in this amazing state. So I decided to revamp it a bit and create a brand new guide to the top 20+ best places to elope in Oregon, all the way from the coast to the mountains! I’ve compiled the ultimate list of Oregon elopement locations and organized them by region, e.g. the best Oregon Coast locations, Mount Hood locations, etc. Hopefully, if you’re planning to elope in Oregon, this list will help you find the PERFECT spot (or spots) for your epic adventure 🙂

Top 20+ Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Oregon Coast

Let’s start at the coast, because it’s pretty much a given if you’re considering an Oregon elopement. There’s no way you can’t look at the breathtaking coast as a top contender for your Oregon elopement, especially if you’re a fan of all the moody PNW vibes. Here are some of my all-time favorite Oregon Coast elopement locations!

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is one of the most amazing spots on the coast and I’ve shot there more times than I can count—which you probably already know if you follow me or have seen my work at all. It’s famous for its vibrant orange-red, breathtaking textured rocks everywhere. A few things to note about Cape Kiwanda:

  • If it’s super rainy or stormy out, we’ll need to prepare for a high tide + to walk in some water. Bring an extra set of clothes so that you can change on the beach if you need to + so you don’t get your outfits dirty right away.
  • There’s a parking lot right on the beach, so it’s easily accessible + we don’t need to walk from far away to get to the sand.
  • There are also bathrooms + hoses to rinse off, which is always a lifesaver after we walk on the beach + hike on the orange rocks.

We also have to be super careful when walking on Kiwanda’s rocks, because they can crumble really easily + are easy to slip on. It’s important to bring appropriate shoes for walking on these rocks, as well as some sort of bag that you can put them in when you want to be barefoot in the sand/water.

One of my amazing couples Negin + Jeff eloped at Cape Kiwanda and absolutely LOVED it. There are tons of cute Airbnb’s nearby that make it easy for you to make a fun vacay out of your elopement, and plus your Airbnb will give us another location opportunity for photos!

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is home to one of the most iconic and recognizable landmarks on the entire coast, Haystack Rock. It’s by far one of the most photogenic coastal spots in Oregon, too, but that means it does get pretty dang crowded, especially in the summer! I’d recommend only taking portraits here, as it can be hard to set up a ceremony without a ton of people around, OR find a spot further away from Haystack that’s a little quieter. You’ll only need a permit if you’re having a large ceremony with over 50 people, otherwise you’re good to go! Cannon Beach is also such an adorable little town to explore, and has tons of cute local shops, restaurants, and Airbnbs 🙂

Speaking of Airbnbs, I’ve got a whole guide with the 25 Best Airbnbs in Washington & Oregon For An Airbnb Elopement that you won’t wanna miss!

Ecola State Park

Tbh you can’t go wrong anywhere in Ecola State Park, a gorgeous park that wraps around Tillamook Head between Seaside & Cannon Beach. There are tons of hiking opportunities, scenic viewpoints that we can stop at (I’m always down to pull over on the side of the road if we see your perf elopement spot), and beautiful forests/greenery everywhere. Because of how close everything is, it’s super easy to shoot at a few different locations—we can do your first look in the lush forest, and say your vows at a viewpoint. Whatever we want to do when we get there!

A few things about Ecola State Park to keep in mind:

  • Pets are allowed in the park (on leashes), so you’re free to bring your pup(s) along to your elopement.
  • There are a few camping areas in the park, so you can totally make a camping trip out of your elopement. Let’s finish off your elopement day drinking + eating s’mores around a campfire under the stars!

Hug Point

Hug Point is further up the coast than Cape Kiwanda and is another amazing location for an Oregon Coast elopement!! It provides a ton of variety: a small waterfall, lots of greenery + forested areas, gorgeous ocean views, and super pretty rocky areas + cliffsides to explore. It seriously has everythinggg you could want from a coastal spot.

A of couples like to stay in the popular Cannon Beach area when they visit the Oregon Coast, and fortunately Hug Point is just five miles south of Cannon Beach—so it’s super easy to get to! And the drive is beautiful too, with lots of ocean views and little viewpoints you can stop at along the way.

A few things to note about Hug Point:

  • It’s important to know how high the tide is; to get to the beach spot by the waterfall + huge rocks/cliffs, we have to walk around a corner that gets filled with water if the tide is high. I recommend y’all bring another set of outfits & be prepared to walk in some water if we need to!
  • Bathrooms are available in the parking lot that’s just up the hill from the beach entrance.
  • There are some picnic areas available if you want to have a picnic break during your elopement – so fun!

Indian Beach

Indian Beach is technically part of Ecola State Park, but I wanted to give it its own section because it’s such a breathtaking beach to elope! And fun fact, it’s actually one of the film locations for La Push in the Twilight movies, which y’all already know I’m way too obsessed with. So if you want to literally feel like you’re starring in Twilight on your elopement day, Indian Beach is so magical + there are so many amazing hiking trails to choose from. 

If you’re just as Twilight-obsessed as I am, make sure you check out my blog with 8 Twilight-Inspired Elopement Locations in the PNW!

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor near Brookings, OR is one of my forever favorite spots along the coast. It’s just north of the Cali border, too, so it’s easy for us to visit two states if you want to for your elopement! Page & Taylor did just that—we visited the scenic corridor and ALSO went down to Cali for a quick trip in the Redwoods. Check out their stunning elopement here!

This corridor has it all: scenic overlooks, secluded beaches, craggy cliffs, giant sea stacks, tide pools, and plenty of hiking options. My favorite thing to do with my couples who elope here is spend some time at spots like Secret Beach & Natural Bridges, and then head down south to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods for a change of scenery! That’s exactly what I did with Rylie + Siani for their Dreamy Oregon Coast + Redwoods Bridal Portraits!

The Southern Oregon Coast is full of SO much magic, wayyyy too much for me to show you in this little section of a blog. So I put together a Full Guide to Eloping on the Southern Oregon Coast for you, where I dive into all my favorite locations, elopement tips, and more 🙂

Rockaway Beach

If you want to elope somewhere that’s usually a little less crowded than Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach is a great option! Located in Tillamook County, Rockaway has seven miles of uninterrupted beaches, various yummy restaurants nearby, and tons of opportunities for outdoor rec—hiking, camping, fishing, boating, etc. I’m obsessed with Blake + Trystan’s Modern Bohemian Elopement at Rockaway Beach, the neutral tones mixed with the beige beach grass + sandy shores were to die forrrr y’all.

2. Central Oregon

Oregon is most recognizable for its breathtaking coastal landscapes and lush green forests, but did you know that central Oregon is a whole separate and super gorgeous world?! Sooo many people underestimate the beauty of central Oregon, since most tourists visit the Oregon Coast or Portland when they take a trip here. But y’all, some of my FAVORITE places in the entire state are located in the Bend area of central Oregon, so I can’t wait for you to see these spots.

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park is one of the most gorgeous desert spots in the state. It features huge, beautiful golden rocks everywhere, with plenty of trails to walk + hike on and even a river going through the rocks. If you’re dreaming of a super dreamy golden hour elopement, Smith Rock sunsets NEVER disappoint; the golden fields of grass + rock formations look insane when the sun is going down!

Along with a ton of hiking trails, there are also mountain biking trails + lots of rock climbing opportunities. So if you’re an active couple and love doing outdoor activities, Smith Rock is a perfect place to look at for your elopement! In fact, the entire Bend area is an amazing place to visit, especially if you’re able to spend a few days exploring the desert—you could go on a whitewater rafting adventure, float down the river, even just drive along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. Check out my complete Bend Elopement Guide for a list of the best places to visit + fun things to do in Bend!

A couple of things to note about Smith Rock:

  • You’ll need to buy a parking pass for the time you’re there.
  • You can go camping in the park, but no campfires allowed since it’s clearly a super dry desert climate!
  • The sun rises + sets in different locations and we’ll have to keep lighting in mind + plan what part(s) of the park we’re going to be at for your elopement! The sun will set faster and the light will go away since it sets behind the rocks, so we’ll keep that in mind when planning your timeline.

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is definitely at the top of the list as far as elopement locations in Central Oregon go; it’s got spectacular mountain views, golden grassy fields, and beautiful forests to hike through. I love how much variety you can get all at one location, plus you can easily drive to check out some of the other Cascade Lakes nearby! If you want to take a nice walk around the area, you can take the easy 1.4-mile Sparks Lake Loop trail, or the 2.4-mile Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail loop! Both will take you to some pretty dang stunning views, and are dog-friendly, kid-friendly, AND wheelchair-friendly.

If you’re considering eloping at Sparks Lake, head over to my full Sparks Lake Elopement Guide!

Suttle Lake

Suttle Lake is a gorgeous natural lake in the Cascade Range of Oregon, just a 20 minute drive from Sisters, that is SO worth the visit. While the entire lakeside area is beautiful, there’s actually a lodge on the water that I adore for elopements and intimate weddings—Suttle Lake Lodge! The lodge has a ton of different indoor + outdoor spaces available for weddings, with breathtaking views of the lake, the surrounding greenery, and the mountain peaks out in the distance. You can even buy out the entire lodge or lakefront for private use, which would be an amazing option if you’re inviting guests for a full wedding weekend. 

Learn more about this incredible elopement location in my guide to How to Plan a Wedding at Suttle Lake Lodge in Sisters, OR.

FivePine Lodge

If you loved the rustic outdoor vibes of Suttle Lake Lodge, I’ve got another recommendation I think you’ll love: FivePine Lodge, another romantic, cozy lodge in Sisters. Surrounded by giant ponderosa pines and wildflowers, FivePine is a super secluded and charming Central Oregon wedding venue with over 30 adorable cabins, in-house spa services, a quaint wildflower pond, and so much more. I can’t recommend it enough for couples who want to have an intimate celebration and escape into the forest with their loved ones, since this venue has all you’ll need for your big day!

Want some more info on what it would be like to tie the knot at FivePine Lodge? Click here!

Painted Hills

The Painted Hills are one of the 7 wonders of Oregon, and rightly so y’all—it’s otherworldly beautiful. It’s an area filled with colorful hills that look, well, painted; the terracotta reds, oranges, and striped beige + gold tones are unreal. Seriously looks like something out of a fairytale, or from another planet! The tones and hues of the hills + sand change at different times of the day, so you never know what exactly you’ll get depending on where the sun is and what the sunset is like! And I love this spot so much that of course I’ve got an entire Painted Hills Elopement Guide for you 🙂

3. Mount Hood

If you’re not familiar with Mount Hood, it’s the beautiful peak you’re probably looking at whenever you see photos of a snow-covered volcano in Oregon 🙂 The Mount Hood National Forest encompasses over a million acres of land, a third of which is designated wilderness with some of the most amazing views and SO much outdoorsy magic to offer: mountain hikes, insane views, forested areas with lush greenery + tall trees everywhere, and more. It’s the perfect location for any couple who loves being in the cool mountains more than they do the beach, especially if you’re active and enjoy hiking.

There are also a massive amount of cozy mountain Airbnb’s in the Mount Hood/Hood River area, so it would be super fun to find a cute place to stay in the woods and make a weekend out of your elopement! You can get ready in your Airbnb, we’ll go out to hike + find a beautiful spot for you to say your vows, maybe have a little picnic in the forest, and then we can come back to your Airbnb to celebrate in the evening. A dream day!

Feel like Mount Hood might be the elopement location for you? Scroll through my Ultimate Mount Hood Elopement & Wedding Planning Guide for more deets!

4. Columbia River Gorge

If you’re having trouble deciding on just one type of scenery, then you’ll loooove the Columbia River Gorge—it’s incredibly diverse, with all sorts of jaw-dropping landscapes that make for epic elopement locations. From views of the Columbia River, to basalt cliffs, to lush forests, to towering waterfalls, the gorge literally has all the best parts of Oregon blended into one area. Driving along the Historic Scenic Byway is an amazing experience on its own even if you don’t want to hike a ton, since you can just stop at random spots and get great views!

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls is such a freaking dreamy spot for a waterfall elopement—it’s easy to get to, doesn’t require a long hike, and has so much lush, vibrant greenery to explore. If you’re the type of couple who would rather drive, park, and be at a beautiful location than hike a few miles, then this is the place for you! There’s a variety of spots to shoot at + around Latourell Falls, which is great so that all of your photos won’t look the same. On the way to the falls, there are a bunch of pretty forest areas, there’s a cute little bridge to walk along, and of course, the cascading falls are so breathtaking. The dark rocks around the falls are stunning and you can get pretty close to the falls if you want to by walking along them!

Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls, located near Cascade Locks, is another relatively easy waterfall to get to in the Columbia River Gorge. The basalt cliffs and huge pine trees create a beautiful backdrop to the falls, along with plenty of bright green moss-covered rocks and trees—sooo dreamy y’all.

Waterfalls are one of my favorite types of landscapes for elopements, especially since we have sooo many magical ones here in WA + OR. To help you find the best one for your special day, I made a list of the 9 Best Waterfall Elopement Locations in the Pacific Northwest!

Rowena Crest

If you’d rather exchange your vows in a more dry, barren desert area with insane cliffside views, you should check out Rowena Crest Viewpoint! Just a 1.5 hour drive from Portland, this viewpoint sits at the top of a high hill that you’ll drive up via a winding highway, with the most incredible, wide-open views of the Gorge. It’s a super popular spot on Instagram because of the iconic views of the horseshoe-shaped highway below, which looks sooo epic in photos. The sunsets here are straight out of a dream, too; the golden hour glow as the sun sets over the Gorge will take your breath away! 

5. Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is a no-brainer if you’re looking for places to elope in Oregon—it only has some of the most epic views in the entire PNW! Vibrant blue water, layers of hills in the distance, endless hiking + biking trails, and overlooks + viewpoints galore? I don’t know about you, but I’m innnn. There are over 30 pull offs along the incredibly scenic Rim Drive, so whether you want to hike a few miles around the park or just enjoy the views from your car, there are so many ways to experience this breathtaking park.

You know the drill by now—obviously I have a full Crater Lake Elopement Guide for you to read through! It wouldn’t be right for me to leave you without one last big elopement guide 😉

6. The Wallowas

We’ll end with one of the more underrated locations on this list, the Wallowas. They’re a mountain range located in Joseph, OR, about 350 miles east of Portland—so yes, it’s far, but dang is it worth it. Home to a wide variety of diverse landscapes, from glacial lakes to country ranches to wide-open grassy fields, the Wallowas have so much to offer that I feel like not a lot of people know about! I also love how family and dog-friendly the area is, so you can bring along not only your favorite people but also your favorite 4-legged creatures. For Lexi & Dan’s fall Wallowas elopement back in 2020, we hiked up to the most epic view of the whole Wallowa lake and then went to Hells Canyon after their vows to explore. Eastern Oregon seriously has so much to offer that most people aren’t aware of—I mean, saying your vows at sunset at Hells Canyon? Epic, y’all!

Hey friend, I’m Dawn, an Oregon-based elopement and micro wedding photographer with a heart for adventure, love, and storytelling. I’m obsessed with my home state of Oregon and truly think it’s one of the best places on earth for adventurous couples to elope! If you’re looking for an Oregon elopement photographer who takes a lifestyle documentary approach, focuses on telling the story of your day in the most authentic way possible, and will help you create timeless memories, let’s connect. Can’t wait to create some magic + art with you!

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