2 Day Elopement in Washington

2 Day Elopement in Washington

Jenifer + Taylor’s Elopement in Washington

This day has been 11 years in the making as Jenifer + Taylor have been growing their relationship working towards marriage and becoming one family. From meeting in California to moving to Tennessee together, they have worked towards their individual and shared goals as partners in life.

Taylor proposed to Jenifer on an epic adventures while they were visiting The Smokey Mountains. On the day of their engagement, they enjoyed a helicopter and horse back ride exploring the mountains. When it came time to plan their wedding day they knew they wanted to explore the mountains of Washington, but were also intrigued with including new adventures, but also adventures that would take them back to that awesome day together.

Jenifer + Taylor were a couple whom have been chatting about their elopement day together for some time. When I asked them why they wanted to elope, I loved this part of their answer “This is our day we give each other our full selves and we do not think there is a better way than being outside like we love to be and in the beautiful scenery of this gorgeous world.” as it directly relates with why we believe so much in eloping!

Arriving at Jenifer + Taylor’s beautiful cabin they rented we saw a pizza hut box, remnants of a fitting dinner the night before their elopement. They met many years ago in Southern California at a Pizza Hut! They each got ready separately – re-reading their vows they had written and then getting dressed for the day. Jenifer blindfolded Taylor so they could ride together to the first location and share a first look there.

Taylor hiked in first, making his way through the forest, down the hill to a rock bed at the base of a stunning waterfall. Jenifer and I followed, stopping to admire ferns and moss along the way. Jenifer walked up to Taylor and they shared a first look in the complete privacy within the mountain. They took the time to check out each others outfits, hold each other close and admire the beautiful nature surrounding them. They shared their first dance together to the song My Love by Ryann Darling. Before we left the area we took some time to get closer to the falls playing on the rocks. Then we all hiked together back through the forest to venture off to our next adventure.

Jenifer + Taylor were stoked to ride horses again in a new place together. We found stables near all of the other locations making it possible to include a ride on their wedding day. This ride was unique because it was private and gave us the flexibility to ride where wanted and freely. We rode briefly through the forest, by a pond, through a couple of massive open fields and through the Nooksack river. We got off by the river to hang out in the shade and get in the water, a nice cool down from the warm summer day. This part of the two days was one of Taylor’s very favorites – the freedom of running around on the horses and just their joy laughing together enjoying the experience.

The couple stands with horses by the pond.

After the horseback ride we drove our up higher within the Mt Baker National Forest. Before starting our hike to the ceremony location, we stopped to check out a quick spot that Jenifer had been eyeing on social media and was excited to finally see in person. They sat for a few minutes overlooking the lake and mountains, a break from driving and some time to relax before the big hike, up!

We started our hike in another beautiful mountain and lake view they had been admiring for some time, but now they were here in person! There were still plenty of wildflowers blooming along the way as we hiked, even orchids!

Once we arrived to the ridge we took a breather and reset to go into the ceremony space. It was the perfect spot that showcased the beauty of both Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker. They shared vows together privately on the trail as the sun shined on them and the evergreens and the mountains surrounded them. It was a beautiful moment where time felt like it stood still. A moment that was completely theirs as they became one together, forever. After some time letting it all soak in and enjoying this space together, we explored more of the trail as the sunset starting turning the sky a cotton candy pink. Before hiking down, Taylor laid in what snow was left on the shaded mountain side to cool off. Besides, why not soak up the last bit of Winter left in the heat of the summer???

We hiked out from the mountain under the stars, getting to see the milky way for the first time on their trip! We headed back to their adorable cabin to end the night by the fire eating left over pizza and diving into their delicious cake that they had flown all the way from Atlanta with!!

When it came to picking a wedding location – Jenifer + Taylor knew their hearts were set on the Mount Baker area. However, when discussing locations and exploring Washington as a whole during planning they were also captivated by the forest, coast line and magic of Olympic. They decided to spend day 2 together exploring this region of WA.

After a day break to drive down the peninsula, we started day 2 at sunrise on the beach visiting the Tree of Life. We got the most beautiful foggy, colorful Pacific Northwest Morning with the beach mostly to ourselves. It was fun watching them make hearts in the sand simply enjoying their time and being present together. After soaking in the view of the coast line and the tree of life, they found a spot to sit together, read a little bit of scripture and pray together. This was particularly special to include in their elopement experience because this is how they start everyday together!

A couple stands by the tree of life.
The couple reads the bible together.

Next up on our adventure was to explore the HOH Rainforest area. Olympic is extremely unique with its diverse landscapes all contained within one park. Jenifer was particularly excited to see the mossy trees that have been towering in this area for over 1000 years! It was fun hiking through the forest, stopping to read about the ecosystem, stop and feel the moss and trees and to watch birds that stopped by. We found one tree that the two of them fit perfectly in – home in the forest. Jenifer decided this was the perfect spot for a crown her new mother and law gifted her to go with her second dress. It truly looked like Jenifer was the forest queen in that tree!

As we continued making our way through the park we headed to Lake Crescent. We hiked into a beautiful spot of the lake where the blue color of the 600+ foot deep lake was deep and rich. On the warm summer day, it was the perfect temperature for jumping in the lake after having lunch by the shore! Jenifer + Taylor brought cute clear blow up floaties to float on. It was a great time relaxing and as Jenfier said – doing something they’d do at home together, but during their elopement experience somewhere epic! Before heading out, Taylor wanted to join in the cliff jumping fun that is very popular in this area. Jenifer floated in the water and watched along side the cliff edges as Taylor lived out his fun jumping from several different cliff heights. It was a fun lunch break, perfect mid day adventure.

A couple holds hands while floating on the lake.

Our last stop on day 2 exploring Olympic was a different beach! We hiked through the ferns and forest to the shore line filled with massive rocks. Tthe first thing we explored was the tide pools as when we arrived the tide was low. They were excited to look for crabs, starfish and other sea life. Taylor found a friendly crab that was interested in their rings! We walked around exploring as much of the coast line as we could. The shoreline always feel freeing like being a kid again – these two embraced that playing airplane, coming up with photo ideas that they were stoked on like foot prints in the sand and dancing around in the sand.

As the sun got lower they enjoyed a slower paced time together and watching the sun sink below the horizon laying on a blanket together. It was hard to believe the two days were coming to an end after months of planning and two full days living out incredible adventures one after another. We ended the two days in pure celebration with a double champagne spray. However, before heading out we stay on a blanket together chatting and snacking as we waited for the sky to get dark enough for a final star photo. Admiring the milky way one last time on their epic adventure across WA.

A couple makes foot prints together in the sand.
A couple looks at the milky way on the coast.

Celebrating this day with Taylor + Jenifer was incredibly special. There was so much thought put into when, where and what was to happen on their elopement day. Their dream was fully brought to life and we packed an incredible amount of adventure into 2 days. We enjoyed the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and coast line – experiencing some of the best of the best within WA. The entire experience was filled with all the things that make an elopement experience full circle in what we think is the most epic way to start off marriage. From romance, intention, including elements of every day life together, including elements of bucket list items, challenging yourself and simply enjoying each other and the environment. Though they packed a lot into these two days it was a perfect balance of adventure and quality time together. We are so stoked Jenifer + Taylor chose us to come along this adventure with them! Huge congrats to Jenifer + Taylor!!!!! We wish you two many years a beautiful, happy marriage with more adventures along the way!

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