Romantic Coastal Elopement at Elk Flats + Ecola State Park

Romantic Coastal Elopement at Elk Flats + Ecola State Park

A slow morning spent getting ready at a cozy oceanfront hotel, a first look right next to one of Oregon’s most iconic landmarks, a ceremony with just a few loved ones at an epic cliffside spot, and a candlelit dinner among the trees after dark. . . I’m not sure what could be more magical than that, truly. Samantha and Chase planned their elopement exactly how they wanted it, and it showed in every smile, every laugh, every hug and kiss shared throughout the day. Exploring Elk Flats + Ecola State Park with these two for their Oregon Coast elopement was everything and more.

Samantha + Chase’s Romantic Oregon Coast Elopement

All the magical fairytale vibes

This elopement on the Oregon Coast felt like such a wild mix of a few things: Twilight Vibes in the forest, Game of Thrones Sansa Stark vibes on the cliffs of, literally every romance fairy magical book vibe ever. . . all of the above and more. The way we explored each location, soaked up the time with their vows on the cliff, picnic with their family, private sunset portraits and a dinner for 2 catered in a twilight forest: you really can make your elopement any way you want it, and this is a testament to that.

If that doesn’t convince you that you should elope in Oregon, I don’t know what will—the diversity of vibes and landscapes is seriously unmatched. Every single one is freaking breathtaking and unique in its own way, whether you choose to elope on the coast, in the redwoods, at the desert, in the mountains, by a waterfall. . . the list goes on. In fact, I wrote a whole blog about 10 Reasons You Should Elope in Oregon just so I could gush about why I adore this amazing part of the Pacific Northwest so much, and you should def read it if you’re considering eloping here!

Getting ready at Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach

These babes began their day by getting ready at Stephanie Inn, a super cute, upscale oceanfront hotel right on Cannon Beach. Just a short walk from all the best spots in this little coastal town, this was the perfect place for them to stay during their time on the coast; the rooms were beautifully decorated with alllll the beachy vibes, and they had easy access to the beach with gorgeous views of Haystack Rock. 

A dreamy first look in Ecola State Park

Samantha and Chase shared a private first look down on the beach, just a quick walk down a few steps from the hotel; the beach grass was blowing in the breeze, the sand was cool in the chilly spring air, and the waves were hitting the shore in the distance. Spring on the Oregon Coast is always unpredictable (then again, every season on the Oregon Coast is unpredictable), so we weren’t sure what kind of weather we would get—all I knew was that Samantha and Chase were down for anything. It was all sorts of cloudy and moody, the classic PNW coastal weather, but we did get quite a few moments of sun shining through the clouds, which made for such magical lighting all day!

Anyway, this first look was the freaking cutest; these two simply enjoyed the heck out of getting to see each other for the first time, basking in all the emotions and dancing around the beach just for fun. The partly cloudy sky made for a gorgeous + dramatic backdrop, with dark clouds in the distance yet hints of sun still shining through and giving Samantha and Chase the dreamiest glow in their photos. She came out looking like a damn storybook queen in her sparkling gown, floral hairpiece, and her vibrant red hair, while Chase was the neutral-toned king she had been searching for. The cutest y’all, these babes are so so naturally gorgeous both individually and together!

Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach are a couple of my all-time favorite Oregon Coast elopement locations. For more inspo in this breathtaking area, take a look at Miriam + Braulio’s Intimate Hug Point Wedding!

An epic cliffside elopement ceremony + picnic at Elk Flats

Elk Flats was the next stop on our Oregon Coast itinerary for the day, which is without a doubt one of the most insane places on the entire coast. The dramatic views of the towering seaside cliffs literally make you feel like you’re in Iceland, not Oregon, and it’s such a hidden treasure if you’re down to hike a little bit. The Elk Flats Trail is just under 3 miles round trip with about 600 feet in elevation gain, making it moderately difficult but absolutely doable for your elopement day. It’s best to visit this trail on a dry and sunny day if you can, since these cliffside spots can get super windy and muddy, so make sure you come prepared with the right footwear + hiking attire if there’s a chance of rain!

I was sooo glad Samantha and Chase chose this spot for their ceremony, because it was absolutely JAW-DROPPING as the clouds cleared up + made way for some clear skies and golden sunshine. I could not believe the luck we had with these gorgeous views made even better by the blue skies, and was dying at how epic they looked standing on the edge of the cliff as they said their vows! A literal dream come true.

What was even cuter was that they celebrated their newlywed status with a delicious + gorgeous picnic catered by one of my fav elopement vendors, Dakota Eats; they enjoyed an array of crackers, cheeses, meats, and veggies, along with a couple bottles of champagne, of course. Watching them cozy up on blankets and enjoy the sunset with their loved ones was so wholesome and heartwarming, and was without a doubt the perfect way for them to wrap up their time at Elk Flats. 

A romantic dinner in the forest under candlelight

But the day wasn’t done yet: the final portion of Samantha and Chase’s magical coastal celebration took place in the middle of the lush greenery at Hug Point. They walked into the trees only to find the warm, inviting tablescape that Curated Mess Co had set up for just the two of them, covered in custom menus, delicate dishware, whimsical florals, and delicious bites. This romantic dinner for 2 was straight off a Pinterest board, all under the soft glow of candlelight and surrounded by the vibrant greenery that Oregon is so famous for. Literally a scene out of a fairytale <3

Want your elopement meals to be as elevated creative as Samantha and Chase’s cliffside picnic + private dinner in the forest? Check out these 10 Unique Meal Ideas for Your Elopement Dinner!

Elopement vendors

Styling: Curated Mess Co |⁣

Florals: The Slow Cult | @theslowcult⁣

HMUA: Alyssa Underwood | @underwoodmakeup⁣

Dinner: Dakota Eats | @dakota.eats⁣

Stationary: Courting Design | @courting_design

Elk Flats + Ecola State Park Elopement Photographer

What I loved most about Samantha and Chase was that they were adventure seekers, they were down for anything, and their main priority was themselves. If eloping on your own terms sounds like just what you and your partner are looking for, I’d love to help you plan your dream elopement experience + capture your connection along the way; let’s celebrate your journey in the beautiful landscapes of the PNW and create timeless memories together. Reach out to me here to get your adventure started!

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