Rainy Olympic National Park Elopement at Lake Crescent

Imagine ditching all your big wedding plans and just running off to Olympic National Park to say “I do” That’s exactly what Lynn + Alyosha did, and it was truly one of the most incredible days ever, spent exploring all the most beautiful places on the Olympic Peninsula and running around in the rain with these wildly-in-love humans. Capturing them as they tied the knot with a Lake Crescent elopement ceremony, wandered through the mystical, moss-covered trees of the Hoh Rain Forest, and hiding from the rain under umbrellas at Ruby Beach was the ultimate adventure.

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Lynn + Alyosha’s Rainy Lake Crescent Elopement

Getting ready + first look in a cozy cabin

When I showed up and my girl Lynn was wearing a Twilight t-shirt, I freaking knew the vibes were going to be incredible for the rest of the day. I swear she could’ve just worn that to meet Alyosha at their first look and he would’ve been thrilled; who needs an elopement dress when you’ve got Edward & Jacob on your shirt?! Y’all know I’m probably a little too obsessed with Twilight, so much so that I wrote an entire blog post with 8 Twilight-Inspired Elopement Locations in the PNW!

Anyway, these two babes got ready in separate rooms of the cabin, spending some quiet time alone as they put on their elopement attire, donned their accessories, and felt all the anticipation building. Lynn looked seriously breathtaking in her white bridal gown, which was somehow the perfect blend of elegance and minimalist; sophisticated and laid-back. I loooved the criss-cross straps along the back of the dress and the narrow train that trailed behind her so beautifully everywhere she walked. And her gold chain necklace that glistened with shimmering pearls? To die for, especially paired with the soft curls cascading down her back! Alyosha went full-PNW with his neutral gray suit, perfectly matching the gloomy grays of the skies above + the pale blues of Lake Crescent. It was so special to see how simple Lynn + Alyosha managed to keep their elopement, while still incorporating all of the details that mattered most to them.

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A rainy elopement ceremony at Lake Crescent

There’s a certain magic in elopements that embrace the unpredictable—rain or shine, across diverse landscapes in a single day. Each location brings its unique light, its distinct backdrop, crafting a narrative rich in contrast and beauty. This variety isn’t just about the places; it’s about adding depth and layers to the story of a day that’s as unique as the love it celebrates.⁣ 

It’s like stepping into your own Twilight fantasy—minus the vampires, but with all the enchanting forests and misty vibes. Just y’all, the epic scenery, and an adventure that’s all your own. Seriously, why not make your love story as magical as the movies?

Lynn + Alyosha took full advantage of the elements on their elopement day, embracing the quintessential rainy PNW vibes, the dark gray clouds, and the mist that swept across Lake Crescent as they exchanged their vows. Every part of their day truly felt like a scene from a movie, surrounded by stunning mountain peaks, fog rolling through the hills, and dream-like forests just begging to be explored. They didn’t complain once about the raindrops that fell onto their skin as they said their vows, or the chilly breeze that blew through their hair; they let it be magical and were so fully present with whatever Mother Nature wanted to give them!

Enchanting elopement portraits in the Hoh Rain Forest

We added another scene to the romantic film of Lynn + Alyosha’s day by heading into the Hoh Rain Forest, aka what I’m convinced is one of the most magical places on Earth. This is the type of forest where you’d accidentally step through a portal to Narnia, come across a population of faeries, or run into mystical vampires—it’s UNREAL how beautiful and enchanting it is. Lynn threw on a fuzzy jacket to keep warm as she and Alyosha took a slow stroll through the forest, admiring the towering trees above them, the bright green moss everywhere they looked, and the peaceful sounds of the raindrops hitting the ferns that covered the ground. It was honestly one of the most dreamy days I’ve experienced in a PNW forest.

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The cutest charcuterie picnic in the car

I’m obsessed with these two and the way they packed a mini charcuterie board to enjoy during a snack break! We literally just pulled their car up to a scenic spot, and they hopped in the trunk to enjoy a few bites + warm up away from the rain. There are SO many ways just like this to make your elopement dinner/meals unique and creative—here are a few of my favorites!

A dark + moody evening at Ruby Beach

The rain was coming down harder by this point, but of course Lynn + Alyosha didn’t care, they just wanted to have a blast adventuring around the peninsula together as newlyweds. Lynn embraced her already-dirty dress and ran into the wet sand with it, laughing as Alyosha picked her up and twirled her around; I swear I barely even had to prompt these two, they were such naturals! They cozied up under a couple of clear umbrellas as they enjoyed the scenery at Ruby Beach, which is one of my all-time favorite beaches on the Olympic Peninsula. No matter the weather, it always looks absolutely breathtaking and creates such a serene environment for elopement portraits.

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Blue hour portraits on the Olympic Peninsula

We wrapped up this rainy + romantic day with blue hour portraits overlooking the water, lanterns in hand as the sun set over the horizon. It was the most perfect way to end this wild PNW adventure that I knew would be looked back on so, so fondly by Lynn + Alyosha; such an honor that I got to experience it with them. 

Taking photos after dark is one of my FAVORITE things to do on elopement days to give my couples the most magical images—here’s why!

Lake Crescent Elopement Photographer

This Lake Crescent elopement was such a shining example of what I love about elopements: the adventure, the unpredictability, the love, the magic. My photography is all about capturing connections and telling a narrative through intentional images; it’s about so much more than just the poses for me. If Lynn + Alyosha’s elopement feels like the vibe you’ve been dreaming about creating for your own, I’d be stoked to work with you. Let’s connect!

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