Intimate Elopement at Saratoga Spa State Park

Morgan and Christine’s love story is a beautiful example of connection and diversity. They chose to celebrate their micro wedding with a intimate elopement at Saratoga Spa State Park. This mixed race couple opted for a intimate wedding celebration near the historic Lincoln Baths, surrounded their parents and siblings. While sharing simple vows with each other, they tied the knot in the heart of Saratoga Springs on a beautiful Summer day.

The Couple

Morgan and Christine wanted to celebrate their big day in a relaxed and stress free way. They chose to elope to keep what’s important to them in mind, each other and their family. Christine wore a simple yet beautiful white wedding dress with lace. She hand made her earrings to reflect their wedding date and use artificial flowers from their home. Morgan looked dapper in a tailored suit which made his confidence soar!

A Heartfelt Ceremony

The ceremony took place near the Lincoln Baths, a location full of history and beauty. Morgan’s mother, as an ordained minister in New York, proudly married her son and Christine. The Lincoln Baths, with its beautiful architecture, provided a unique setting for their vows in the archways.

Morgan and Christine stood hand in hand, love and joy shining in their eyes. Morgan’s mother shared stories and blessings, making the moment even more special.

Saratoga Spa State Park Elopement Photos

After the ceremony, their family left to head to their intimate wedding celebration at a local restaurant. Morgan and Christine spent some time commemorating the day with beautiful elopement photos throughout this New York State Park.

From the moments during the ceremony to the joyful wedding portraits afterward, each photograph told the story of their special day. The park’s natural beauty provided a stunning backdrop for their photos, with its greenery, pathways, and historic landmarks. The images from their elopement are a timeless reminder of their day, filled with love and laughter.

Saratoga, NY Elopement Photography

Morgan and Christine’s intimate elopement at Saratoga Spa State Park was a celebration of their love and their diverse backgrounds. Their union brought together two families, each with its own rich heritage and traditions. The blending of cultures was evident in every part of their elopement, creating a unique and meaningful celebration.

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